We Are Innovation. We Are NIU.

Evolution with a reason

We focus on efficient, environment friendly and high-tech equipment oriented towards the highest hygiene standards in an effort to give our clientes the best tools to face the challenges of the new normality.

Hygiene when is needed, where it’s needed.

Bathrooms can be dangerous places to be. We design technologically advanced solutions for achieving higher hygiene standards and keeping people safe at any time.

We design products that save money.

NIU technology offers facilities huge savings in energy consumption and Human Resources. Our products are completely automatic, easy and cost-efficient to maintain and built to last.

Automation is the key.

We design systems around ease of use and management. That’s why we keep the implementation of automation and remote management capabilities in mind at every stage of the development of our products.

About NIU

NIU smart toilet is the latest division of Comac Corporation specialized in manufacturing of smart toilets in North America.

Our goal, to create the perfect smart self-cleaning bathroom with the highest efficiency at the lowest cost.

To do so we have brought together the best engineers to create the world first revolutionary Smart Bathrooms to meet today and tomorrow requirements. The NIU Smart bathrooms are designed with one goal; Comfort, Safety & Innovation.

About Comac Corporation

Comac Corporation Inc. was founded in 1984 by Brian O’Connor with one purpose in mind, to capture and dominate the Global hand dryer market. With approximately 65% market control to date, it is succeeding.

There is no secret to our success: great products, great quality, great service and great people.